Visit our adoption center at Petco, Union Square, 44 Union Square, New York, NY 10003

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Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in wanting to help the rescued cats of KittyKind. Since each position requires
training, and a time commitment, please apply for the position that interests you the most. You can, of
course, apply for another position at another time. Below are brief descriptions of the positions. KittyKind requests a minimum commitment of at least six-months or more.

Feeding and cleaning cages with cats, using mild cleaning chemicals and water to clean cages around cats.
Feeding cats canned cat food, refreshing water and dry food.
Throwing away old litter and replacing with fresh litter. Providing boxes and towels for comfort.
Ensuring cats do not escape while cleaning

Hours: A.M. 9-11 or P.M. 5-7 Morning weekday hours are our most urgent, but cats welcome cleanliness always. Training provided.

Health-Maintenance. Volunteers give vet-prescribed care and medication to cats at the adoption center. Care consists of monitoring health, and giving medications, digestive aids, applying eye cream, cleaning ears, and more. This volunteer position is especially helpful for pre-vet, pre-med students, or vet-tech students. However, that course work is not necessary. 2-4 hours, once per week. Flexible shifts available upon completion of training.

Assist rescuers onsite when cats come to KittyKind at Petco Union. The Intake Team decides which cats can come to KittyKind for adoption. Our cats come from a variety of sources, from rescue missions like TNR (trap/neuter/return) to Good Samaritans who are willing to take in a stray that they’re not able to keep. KittyKind is also one of the few organizations that will work
directly with members of the public who seek to re-home their cat.

Our work is done primarily through email but occasional short visits to the adoption center are
required (as schedule permits) to assist with paperwork and/or the physical “intake” of a cat who is
ready for adoption.  Training provided.

Public-facing volunteer job representing KittyKind at Petco.
Giving public information on adoption, helping show cats.

Hours: 3-6 hours per week, or every two weeks. Training provided. Tuesday/Friday evenings, Saturday or Sunday afternoons.

Be a parent to a cat who needs a break from the shelter setting. Monitor
behavior and health and give feedback to foster liaison. Provide socialization, enrichment, and security
for a cat on its path to adoption. Some stays are short term, some longer term. Training provided.

Please email us for more information: [email protected].