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Fostering FAQs


What does “fostering” mean?

Fostering means taking care of one or more felines in your home temporarily and treating each one as your own pet.

How long will I foster the cat that’s assigned to me?

The average foster period is about two weeks, but some cats are fostered for shorter or longer periods. If you have a time constraint (for example, you can only foster for three weeks), we’ll work around it with advance notice. 

What expenses will I have?

We ask that you provide love, litter and other basics, including wet food (and dry, if appropriate).  You won’t be responsible for medical expenses or prescription foods.

Can I choose a cat to foster?

We do our best to honor preferences regarding age, medical condition, and behavior, but we can’t honor any request to foster a specific cat. If you apply, please keep an open mind about which cat you’ll be helping!

Can I foster in order to “try out” a cat I’m considering for adoption?

We don’t allow volunteers to choose specific cats with the intent to adopt. However, KittyKind has an amazing trial adoption program for those interested in adopting. Interested parties should email [email protected] for more information.

What if my foster cat gets sick?

If you’re fostering and you have a question about medical care, you’ll contact us and we’ll provide guidance.  We may require that you bring your foster cat to our East Village veterinarian. 

What other responsibilities will I have?

You should be prepared to bring your kitten or cat to an adoption event. We hold these events infrequently, and we can help if you need transportation in order to attend with your foster kitty.

Will I be responsible for finding a forever home for my foster cat?

Not at all.  Our amazing Adoption Team works diligently to find forever homes for all of our felines. They interview potential adopters, check references, make home visits, and accept or reject adoption applications.  

Can I help KittyKind find a forever home for my foster cat?

Yes indeed. Send us photos and stories that our Social Media Team can share with potential adopters, and refer every interested friend or relative to our Adoption Team!

Can I adopt my foster cat if I fall in love with him or her?

Yes.  While we prefer that you remain a foster caregiver, we recognize that a permanent connection between a cat and a foster parent is sometimes best for all involved. 

How can I formally adopt my foster cat?

You must apply to adopt, and you must pay our adoption fee if your application is accepted.  KittyKind incurs significant expenses for every animal we rescue and we can’t make exceptions to this ruleeven for foster parents.

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