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Claude and Jordan: Courtesy Post
Domestic Short Hair
Tabby and White
10 years 0 months.
Our grandmother loved these cats with all her heart. She did her best to care for them after bringing them in off the street 10 years ago as kittens. Grandma had a beautiful bond with the boys, and they deserve another human or humans to love on them in their old age. If you�re interested in adopting or meeting Claude or Jordan, contact [email protected] or [email protected]. First, the big boy. Claude is a tank. He's by far the largest cat I've ever seen, maybe the largest animal period. His neck is the width of a human thigh. He's always been chonky, but he ballooned when he was brought inside full time a few years ago. Our grandmother wasn't very mobile so Claude has been free-fed without any exercise, and it shows. He'll be very amenable to an exercise program though because he loves to play! All you need is a shoelace and an arm and you'll have this guy running laps and having a blast. Claude is your sweet uncle who entertains everyone at your party with his jokes and stays after the other guests have left to help clean up. He will jump up on furniture to be eye-level with you, and stare into your soul to see how you're doing. Once you're done connecting, he'll follow you around until you give him some good hard pats on the butt, at which point he'll completely lose his mind. He experiences such ecstacy from these pets that you might blush and feel like you should look away from this private moment. But Claude is proud of who he is. He loves his humans hard and lives to receive love in return. He has lived with other cats before and may be accepting of another cat with slow introductions. If you're looking, his current housemate Jordan is also available for adoption. Since Claude loves to be the center of attention, he would be extra happy in a larger household. Claude is a noisy cat. He doesn't meow a lot, but he snores louder than some humans. His purr sounds like Predator. He also does a lot of grunting and... slurping? when he tries to wash himself. It's part of his je-ne-sais-quoi. In conclusion, Claude is obese, loud, stinky (did we mention that? His breath is not great). You may be thinking, at least he has his health! Unfortunately this is where we should mention that he has FIV, so he'll need to stay an indoor-only cat. He is asymptomatic and otherwise healthy and up to date on vaccines, etc. and he doesn't require any daily medications. FIV is not transmittable to humans or other animal species, and FIV cats can live long and healthy lives. However, they are more susceptible to infection than other cats, so you'll want to consult a vet if he shows signs of illness (just like with any other cat). Jordan is not as large as Claude, but he�s still robust. He wears a permanent scowl that makes him look like he was once a member of the mob. But don�t let the ear tip and mean mug fool you: he has the soul of a failed poet. Jordan is timid at first. He startles easily, and can be hesitant around new people, especially men. Unlike Claude, he won�t be in the middle of the party. But once you earn his trust and respect, he�ll melt into the snuggly kitten that he is. He loves belly rubs, chin scratches, and long talks about the meaning of life. He loves to greet you when you come home and purr next to you on the couch. Occasionally, Jordan�s past life in the mob returns to haunt him, and he feels the need to flaunt his alpha nature. Jordan can�t live in a house with cats other than Claude. These two have a sweet Ernie and Bert dynamic that transcends history and colony. While both cats would be happy to be adopted together, they would also do fine in separate homes. Jordan is too busy contemplating serious issues to entertain you with silly string and spring toys, but he will rid your home of any vermin. He loves to play outside, and he�s an excellent hunter. He�s used to spending most of his days outdoors and his nights inside and he does NOT have FIV, so he would make a wonderful working cat for someone with a barn or ranch, or anyone with a need for pest control. Lastly, have you seen his belly? Please see the photos of his haute couture pelt. And yes, after you buy him dinner, you may be allowed to stroke the belly fluff. If you�re interested in adopting or meeting Claude or Jordan, contact [email protected] or [email protected].