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Domestic Short Hair
Black and White
7 years 0 months.
Jane is a beautiful, full bodied female cat whose coat is black and white (majority white), approximately 7-8 years of age. Jane came from humble beginnings as a kitten born on a block in Brooklyn New York, to becoming queen of the house. Her owner would place food in his backyard to feed the neighborhood cats. Jane would come right up to his back door and hang out with him and eventually, entered the house. Jane became the center of his world. Her connection to him amazed everyone. They watched television together with her either in his lap or placing herself on the back of his favorite chair with her head on his shoulder. Jane�s wellbeing was so crucial to her owner that in his final written direction to family was "Feed My Cat". Jane appreciates sleeping on the bed, at times choosing to stay at the foot like a guardian angel. If she decides she wants to share your pillow or get under the covers, a deep meow or long purring sound is what she does to make her desires known. Jane at special moments, may lick your hand, tuck her head in the small of your armpit or place her head close for kisses between her ears. Jane has amazing eyes. When she stares into your eyes, it is as if she is connecting with you on a deep personal level. Jane does not like to be carried about nor too much stroking on her back. On occasion, a little "Love Nip" might be given, but with no malice intended. When she wants her space, Jane goes to her favorite hiding spaces. But once she knows your schedule, you are almost always guaranteed a warm welcome home as well as direction to what her needs are (food, water, telling you about her day, wanting you to sit down). Needing to know where you are, be prepared to be followed around. Her owner's family was driven to make sure that she have the best years of her life ahead. Their wish is that Jane be treated with love and respect tempered with patience and empathy. Entering into a new relationship takes time. We know that the moment mutual love between Jane and her new family will be well worth the wait. Jane is FIV and FeLV negative, spayed, and up-to-date on shots. She has had a recent teeth cleaning with some extractions. Jane has been the solo feline previously and we don't know how she feels about other cats. Email [email protected] to apply!