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Ginger and Chai
Domestic Short Hair
Ginger and White
8 months.
Life only gets better when you have two orange tabby cats in it! Ginger and Chai were born on 7/19/23 to a mom barely out of kittenhood herself, and this was her second litter of 5 kittens. Chai and Ginger are best buddies, both sweet and affectionate, and each with his endearing charms! Ginger, (darker orange) is high energy, adventurous, and super playful. He loves catnip toys and fuzzy mice, and you�ll laugh out loud when he carries a toy in his mouth, growling at it until he finds a hiding spot for it! He loves people and attention! You might hear him cry in the next room and, when you ask, �Who�s that crying?� he�ll come running to you for love. He�ll follow you into the bathroom and perch on the tub�s edge to watch you shower. He�s a smart boy who makes his wishes known, as when he stands up tall against your legs to let you know to pick him up or pet him. He�s eager to show his love in return, too, with gentle nips of your chin and nose! This sweet boy is a snuggly lap cat, with a big purr engine. Like his brother, Chai (paler orange) is outgoing and social, a cat who adores people and attention. He�ll flop over on his side and expose his belly for a good rub session while making �biscuits� in the air in pure delight. Just a tad less high energy than Ginger, Chai, too, is playful, partial to spring toys and fuzzy mice. Even more so than Ginger, Chai craves attention; he wants you to play fetch with him and give him long petting sessions during the day, then let him sleep against you at night. And, both boys, being teenagers, have their mischievous traits: Ginger might try to sneak out the door, while Chai might try to sneak some of your food! Full of love, these boys are fabulous and must be adopted together. Both are FIV and FeLV negative, neutered, and up-to-date on their vaccinations. To adopt them, email [email protected].