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Sally: Courtesy Post
Domestic Short Hair
Black and White
5 years 0 months.
Sally, a five year old tuxedo girl, is extremely affectionate with people to whom she feels bonded. She has special rhythm to her moods. During the day she tends to be asleep, or hidden away. somewhere, but when the sun goes down, she comes out and explores the house, and is extremely affectionate (purring, rubbing against legs, chatty, etc). If you get out of bed at night to take care of something, Sally will generally come follow you and escort you around the house. Sally likes to sleep on the bed at night, and when bedtime rolls around, she will come find you wherever you are to remind us that it's time for bed. Sally likes to hide away from people she�s not comfortable with, but she doesn�t bite or swat. She doesn�t like being picked up generally speaking, but if she trusts you, she�ll tolerate it for a bit before she squirms. Sally still loves playing toys and one-on-one games with people she trusts. Unfortunately Sally and her cat brother have developed some antagonistic behaviors after he had a long stay at the vet, and her brother has some recurring health problems that would make it hard to find him a new home. We think she would be much happier where she can be the only cat in the house. Email [email protected] to apply