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Domestic Short Hair
Tabby and White
3 years 1 month.
Bless the good Samaritan who rescued this sweet 3 year old girl! She was spotted on the street, pacing and meowing, virtually begging for rescue. In fact, she walked right into the rescuer�s carrier, Skinny and dirty � named Smudge because the rescuer initially thought that her facial �beauty mark� was dirt � the rescuer nurtured and vetted her. Smudge now loves being an indoor cat, given food, toys, and affection! She lazes away her days in her cat house between meals and especially enjoys basking in the sun, but these mellow activities are punctuated with spontaneous bouts of play with her feather and kicker toys. And, she might even show her mood to play by batting at your arm and teasing you with a little love nip � always gently! Smudge is outgoing, social, confident, and obedient. She�ll start purring when you pet her (though not a fan of belly rubs), often resting her chin on you. She�s independent and not needy, but she�ll come over and put her paw on your hand, as if intuitively sensing that you need a �hello�! Smudge is an easy-going cat, who�d make the perfect low-maintenance companion to someone who can give her attention once home after a normal workday. She might also enjoy the company of another feline friend, as she seems curious about the rescuer�s own (though separated) cats. Smudge is spayed, negative for FIV and FeLV, and up-to-date on her vaccinations. To adopt Smudge, email [email protected].