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Domestic Short Hair
Black and White
7 months.
Looking for a special needs kitten with no special needs? Audrey is your girl! She's partially blind from an infection she had when young. This is what her rescuer wrote: Audrey was born outside and found alone so we don�t know how she got separated from her mother and any siblings. She was taken in by a homeless man who was squatting in an empty apartment building near where a friend feeds a colony. He saw her feeding and would sometimes ask for food for Audrey. By the time he gave Audrey to my friend, her eye infection was very bad. I scheduled surgery to remove both eyes, but on the morning of the surgery, my vet just couldn�t do it. He wanted to try to save any vision that Audrey might have left. Oral antibiotics and eye drops had not helped so he took a blood sample, placed it in a centrifuge, and gave me the clear serum on top to drop into her eyes several times a day. It worked like a miracle! And her ulcerated corneas healed. I have a photo of the eyes when she was sick, if you�d like to see it, but it may be too disturbing. No matter how much pain Audrey may have been in, she has always been a sweet, loving kitten. Amazingly, Audrey is just like any other healthy, playful kitten! She never lets her lack of eyesight get her down. She boldly explores and plays. She loves people and other cats. She would love to spend the afternoon purring on your lap. You can tell that she received a lot of love when she was a little kitten, despite the eye infection. Audrey is an amazing cat. She has a wonderful, loving personality, and I know that she will be so grateful to finally have her own person! I will miss her so much around my home. Audrey is FIV and FeLV negative, spayed, and up-to-date on shots. Email [email protected] to apply!