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Domestic Short Hair
1 year 1 month.
Gianna is a tough but sweet teenager. Little is known about her early life or where she came from. Placed with a KittyKind fosterer, she has proven to be sharp, smart, and a quick learner.�Her curiosity makes her an explorer who enjoys watching the outside world, hiding in closets, and sneaking onto shelves. She communicates with her facial expressions and voice, and she listens well. She understands No, which is really important as she continues to be trained. She is outgoing and social, too! She loves company and being included in conversations, but is still figuring out the nuances of more intimate human interaction: She�s learning that humans do not play as rough as her fellow street felines and yet that she can trust them more! She might swat if she gets too excited during play or feels you�ve crossed a boundary during petting, and she may release her frustration that you�re not feeding understanding her needs (including not feeding her quickly enough) by pouncing on your feet as you walk by, she does so with claws retracted and her defensiveness should subside as her trust increases. She enjoys when you lay down next to her and holds promise of becoming a cuddler once she bonds with and trusts her person. Gianna is an energetic, playful cat. She loves playing with The Cat Dancer and will snatch it to run away with the mouse. She also enjoys her cardboard scratch pad, her cushy comforter, and to perch. She is motivated by food. She keeps herself tidy and has perfect litter box habits. Gianna seems to prefer being the only cat in the home and would do best in a quiet home, without children. She likes attention and is an unpolished gem waiting for her special person. Gianna is spayed, FIV & FeLV negative, and up-to-date on vaccinations. To adopt Gianna, email [email protected].