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Regina: Courtesy Post
Domestic Short Hair
11 months.
Meet Regina, a little warrior princess! The name 'Regina' means princess which she most definitely is, but she also has a fire inside of her to be resilient despite being born with a birth defect in her lower spine. Regina came in as a 1.5-pound, stray kitten, who was dragging her back end. Our staff quickly noticed she was the happiest little girl, never caring that she couldn't use her back legs - probably because she had been that way since birth. Her birth defect causes her spinal cord to bulge out abnormally which led to paralysis of her hind legs. Dr. Weekes, our Shelter Medical Director, felt it was best to hold this little girl for observation to allow her to get a little bigger and ensure her signs did not worsen. Luckily, with a lot of care and love, she has been growing normally and staying stable! Due to her paralysis, she leaks urine and fecal matter when is scooting around, so our veterinary team worked diligently to diaper train her with little preemie baby diapers (we just cut a little slit for her tail in the back of them). She has been getting around tremendously well in her diapers, and they definitely do not hold her back one bit! She is as fast, if not faster, than the average kitten! Her front paws pull her so quickly, especially when she gets fired up playing with her toys! Little Regina is definitely a fighter with a lot of life in her, despite what she's been through! We are so excited to announce that she is AVAILABLE for adoption now, and we know she will find the perfect adopter to welcome her and her quirky self in with open arms! He future adopter will need to continue to work with Regina on her diaper training in the home, so as long you are willing to do so, she may be perfect for YOU! Email [email protected] to apply!