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Stormi: Courtesy Post
Domestic Short Hair
4 years 0 months.
Stormi is a cute little gray weirdo who loves being petted� but mostly likes gentle smacks on the butt. She can be picked up, she won't squirm, but she doesn't love it. She always extends her paw to tap you lightly and sometimes seems like she will but won't touch you. Stormi likes to sleep next to you or beside you if she likes you. If she loves you, she will hold your hand and sleep near your head or by your feet. She doesn't mind small dogs, and likes respectful kids as long as they don't try and grab her. Stormi loves playing with balls , and she will even fetch� except she won't bring back the toy! She only gets the zoomies when everyone is awake. She sleeps when you sleep. Overall she is a very chill lady. She loves to sit by a window. She loves to sleep by plants and pretend she's in a garden. Stormi is spayed and ready for a new home! Email [email protected] to apply!