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Domestic Short Hair
2 years 1 month.
Tammy, a tabby girl rescued with her kitten, is a pure delight! A young cat (her rescuer remembers seeing her in a yard as a kitten within the past 2 years, though the vet estimated she was a bit older), she is curious and brave enough to have explored and conquered her foster home in just a day! She has a wonderfully complex personality. There�s the calm and gentle Tammy, who likes to sit on a windowsill and watch the world outside. Then there�s her playful side: She loves playing with a toy wand and will snatch it from you to run away with the toy � you can�t help but laugh! And then there�s the affectionate Tammy. She starts to purr every time you pet her on her back or her belly. She is social with guests and enjoys her human companions. She�ll follow you from room to room and spend the night on the end of the bed, very considerately not disturbing her parents. She confidently plops herself down on the couch to sit near you, and it�s just a matter of time before she becomes a full-fledged lap cat. She enjoys having you brush her soft fur, with its beautiful black and grey tiger stripes. She�ll remind you that it's mealtime, with a gentle meow near her bowl, and is reassured when you keep her company during mealtime. When she needs her beauty rest, she might catch a cat nap under the bed or in a closet, but will emerge for a good head rub when you find her! Tammy is fine with children and would make a great family cat. She is up-to-date on vaccinations, negative for FIV/FeLV, and spayed. To adopt Tammy, email [email protected].