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Domestic Short Hair
7 months.
Lucy was found on the street in April, 2023 approximately at her age 8-10 weeks, she was weak and had multiple health problems usual for the street cats (worms, ringworm, eye infection, malnourishment, dehydration). But from the very first hour with people she wasn�t shy, she was very curious, affectionate and showed her trust to us. We gave her a chance to have a better life which she definitely deserves. She was so brave and withstood all the unpleasant everyday treatment and frequent vet visits. Now she is such a sweet and healthy kitten and ready to give her love to her forever family. From Lucy herself: I�m very nice, curious and I have a lot of energy at this time. In the morning I like to eat my breakfast and run/chase other cats who live with me to keep them in good shape even if they don�t like to play with me. I�m not offended when they hissing at me or hiding from me. I like when you pet me, but my teeth and gums are still itchy and sometimes I can forget that I�m not supposed to chew on your fingers. Also sometimes I think that your hands are very cute toys and I have an urge to catch them, so my claws should be trimmed regularly. When you are upset and crying I will come and pity you with all my compassion, I will lick you and purr as loud as I can. Actually I start to purr even when you call my name. When my morning exercises are done I will go to sleep, I like to sleep under a coach, in my tunnel or on your bed. In the evening I will patiently wait for my dinner, but if you miss the time I will remind you. I understand that when you go to sleep and turn the light off I suppose to be quiet and I will give you some rest even if I want to play. But keep in mind that I'm a curious baby and you are not supposed to leave the entrance door and windows open, if you do, I will go out. I like to be with someone all the time. When you eat your food I like to inspect what is in your plate and remember that sharing is caring. I can promise you that I will be a good friend who will listen to you all the time, no matter what you say, I will keep your secrets and never judge you. I will be so grateful that you made me a part of your family and I will love you forever! Lucy loves other cats and has a lot of energy. She'd be a great companion to your resident cat! Lucy is FIV and FeLV negative and up-to-date on shots. Spaying is included in her adoption fee! Lucy is currently with her rescuer. Email [email protected] to apply!