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Penelope and Cubby: Courtesy Post
Domestic Short Hair
Grey and White
10 years 4 months.
Penelope and Cubby are two bonded cats who are looking for a new home. Penelope, 10 years old is an amazing cat. She�s sweet, docile, and loves everyone. She�s very friendly and social with strangers and loves to sit in laps and be pet anywhere. She�s never bitten or clawed anyone and living with two young toddlers who were rough with her she never retaliated and just sat there.She�s by far the sweetest, most loving cat her owner has ever known. Cubby, nine, is a rambunctious and energetic ball of love! She�s very sweet and caring. After some time has passed she is loving with strangers. Whenever your hair is wet after showering she loves to lick it and dry it with her body to help you stay dry! Sometimes when she�s not happy she�ll swipe or bite softly but i�s not vicious like we�ve experienced with other cats. She�s a special girl! Email [email protected] to apply!