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Domestic Short Hair
Black and White
4 years 5 months.
Sweet and demure Becca, about 4 years old, was rescued off the street with her kittens. Her kittens all found homes and now it’s momma’s turn! Becca has the same good-natured disposition that got her kittens adopted quickly, but, given her early life, she’s understandably more wary of people. It could take several weeks for her to get over her shyness (hint: start off by “slow-blinking” at her, not staring), but with her trust comes her love and both deserve the wait!. You just know there’s a lovebug in the making when, at the beginning, she keeps her distance but rubs her head in the air and rolls on the floor as if “rehearsing” for the prospect of future petting! Then comes the real thing, where she’ll headbutt your hand to request head rubs and pets. She is VERY food motivated and, when you put her food down, she gets so excited that she does a happy dance … and rubs against your legs appreciatively. She LOVES other cats, and needs to have a feline buddy in her life. She constantly approaches the resident cats in her foster home (as she did in her rescuer’s home): She’ll rub against them, seek their attention, welcome their grooming, and even tolerate a wrestling session. Becca is a calm, quiet cat (except when it’s meal time!) who enjoys watching birds and people from her window perch (and loves the cot that her fosterer set up for her!) She has such plush fur and loves having it brushed. And, she’s not averse to playing: The more she gets used to her home, the more she plays with her feline friends or entertains herself with toys. Becca is a lovely, sweet cat just waiting for the patient person who will be rewarded by her undying love! Becca is FIV and FeLV negative, spayed, and up-to-date on her vaccinations. To adopt Becca, email [email protected].