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Domestic Short Hair
White and Black
1 year 0 months.
Cielito appeared on her rescuer's apartment doorstep confused, scared and meowing so loudly that the rescuer mistook her cries for a human baby at first. Cielito came in and she made herself at home right away. She allowed the rescuer to pet her gently, even allowed belly rubs.  This lovely cat, around a year old, is very social and very friendly. She will roll around when you start to pet her so you don't miss a spot. She can be spooked by sudden movement and noise, so we don't think she'd be the best fit for a home with young children. She is a very curious cat so she is prone to running out the door and down the hall to explore. She loves windows and needs to be kept safe around them because she will lean out far on the ledge as she chirps at the little birds in the trees. She can be kept safe with window guards and window screens.  She meows really loudly when her person comes home to let them know she's missed you and is happy to see you, in a similar energy to a little dog barking. She loves fresh water from the faucet in her bowl. Later in the day, she tries to push her water bowl around to make her water move before she drinks it. She has also attempted to drink directly from the faucet. It seems like a tiny water fountain for cats would be ideal for her. Each night, Cielito gets the zoomies and starts running all over the place, kind of like a toddler fighting bedtime. She's just gotta get that extra energy out before she settles in for the night! We're sure that she will make whoever adopts her very happy.  Cielito is FIV and FeLV negative, spayed, and up-to-date on shots. Come meet her at Petco Union Square!