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Scratchy: Courtesy Post
Domestic Short Hair
12 years 7 months.
This is Scratchy. Also known as baby pudge cause she's pudgy. I named her Scratchy after the Simpsons cartoon character. She was born in my house and was never outdoors. She is a black cat with one adorable white whisker. The rest of her whiskers are black. She likes to be pet if she knows you but does not like to be handled. She is very friendly with other cats but is timid around people. Once she gets to know them she is more open to be petting and nuzzling. She loves cat toys and scratching post. She eats Fancy feast wet and dry food and loves Temptations cat treats. Scratchy has been in a home with multiple cats all her life. If you're interested in a pair, her pals Cuddles, Gizmo, Tommy, Boo Boo, Squeaky, Scratchy and Spike are also available. Please email [email protected] to apply.