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Domestic Short Hair
2 years 0 months.
Meet young Marty … and fall in love! When KittyKind took in Marty and put him in a foster home, he was a frightened, shy boy, totally clueless as to how to interact with people. Now his fosterers explain, “Marty is an amazing cat!” He is people-loving, cat-loving, and fun-loving. If you’re looking for a chill, quiet, total couch potato, that’s NOT Marty. This handsome pale orange tabby boy, nearly 2 years old, is super-energetic and loves to play. He absolutely needs to have another energetic cat in the home to be a partner in his antics. In his excitement, he might destroy his own toys (and cardboard), but he’s not destructive of possessions that aren’t his; notably, he does not scratch furniture. As he becomes more acclimated to being in a home, he’s been settling down and will continue to do so, but he remains an exuberant boy, with the occasional zoomies to express his joy! He is a sweetheart who will come to you for attention and will purr in appreciation of a good head and neck rub, though he’s not yet discovered the joy of lap-sitting (“cuddler” is a trait that will come in time.) And he’s very smart! He comes when you call his name and he has much to say … he makes cute chirping noises. He is easy to handle (even allows a nail trim!) In a new home, he might take time to reclaim his self-confidence, but what a thrill to experience his continued transformation from shy street cat to, as his fosterers say, a “completely hilarious” and endearing “sweetheart.” Marty is neutered, FIV/FeLV negative, and up-to-date on his vaccinations. To adopt Marty, contact [email protected]