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Osi and Kira: Courtesy Post
Domestic Short Hair
1 year 5 months.
This is Osi (Oh-see) and Kira (Kee-rah), they are 9 month-old brother and sister feral kittens. We�ve been working to socialize them for about 2 months and they�ve made tons of progress. When we first met them they were quite skittish and fearful and mostly stayed at the back corner of their crate. But they are now roaming around our apartment, sleeping on their backs in the sun, wrestling with each other and playing with all their toys. They love anything with a feather, tunnels to pounce through, and any small rolling object. We�ve been using Churu snacks to get them used to us and they work awesome to keep them engaged. They�ll even sit on our laps and chest to eat them off our fingers and let us pet their cheeks while they are eating. Kira is the most outgoing one and will usually come sit next to us on the floor even without snacks. Osi is more observant, but is getting much more comfortable with us walking around the house, and generally loves his little hammock and resting in high places. They don�t seem too sensitive to regular house noises (ice dispenser, vacuum, roomba, etc) but sudden movements from us tend to spook them, so it�s always best to move towards them very slowly, calmly, with eyes averted and from their level or below, instead of leaning over them from above. Osi in particular seems more sensitive to sudden movements and hands. Since they�re feral they don�t meow at all but they do a really cute squeaks and chirping noises to communicate with each other and when they get really excited.They�re completely bonded and always have really cute squeaky reunions whenever they�ve been separated. It�s been so awesome observing their supportive dynamic, and the process of them learning from each other. Overall, with patience, lots of love and dedication to meet them at their comfort zone, these two will make incredible, loving pets that will continue to surprise you with their insane cuteness. Email [email protected] to apply,