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Jacob (and London)
Domestic Short Hair
Tabby and White
1 year 10 months.
London is the lighter roast of a bonded fraternal twin pair. He started off very scared when first rescued and was too nervous to eat being separated from his brother. With a little coaxing and time he was quick to trust, a gentle boy who loves love and attention. He will often push in front of his shyer brother Jacob to get his pets and will stare at you adoringly to get your attention. His meows are quite insistent come mealtime and he will plop into your lap or lean against you for affection. Jacob is part of a fraternal twin duo and is the darker roast of the two complete with coffee toebeans! He�s a sensitive boy who is still a bit scared from being quarantined alone when first rescued with a URI and eye infection but getting braver everyday. He�s healthy now and loves to have been reunited with his brother London, with whom he is very bonded. They love to wrestle and are often cuddling up against one another. He�s slowly trusting humans more and enjoys being pet gently when he�s relaxed and will purr loudly esp before mealtimes, and sprawl on his back when fully relaxed and sleeping. He LOVES to play with toys and chew on paper so crinkly toys would be a good substitute. London is very bonded with his brother Jacob, they are constantly wrestling or cuddled up together. They�re looking for a home that will love and accept them both for the special boys that they are. Email [email protected] to apply!