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Quinn: Courtesy Post
Domestic Short Hair
Grey and White
3 years 11 months.
Meet Quinn! This very pretty girl is almost 4 years old and weighs about 9 lbs. She's up to date on her shots. We love her but we're moving & traveling a lot and want to find her a better home where people will be there more often. Quinn is a very sweet, clever cat. She loves getting lots of pets, sleeping near you & sometimes on you, and running around with her laser pointer. She can be very chatty, especially when she wants dinner! If she's comfortable, she's a very low key cat and a great companion, especially if you're working from home. She'll sit with you and keep you company, and if she’s in the mood, cuddle. Quinn does take time to warm up to people, so you'll need to be patient with her and work with her timeline. She’ll be very nervous in new places, and may hiss or swat at you until she starts to adjust, but will not act out if you leave her alone. We do not recommend picking her up until you’re able to regularly pet her. She also does not like big groups of people, so she’s not a good fit for someone who wants to entertain all the time. That said, she won’t act out if people are over, and will probably hide in another room, but it doesn’t make her happy. She won't jump in your lap right away, but we're confident she'll come around and has warmed up to a number of people in our life. She's a great communicator and will be very clear if she doesn't want to be held, pet a certain way, etc. We admire that about her; she doesn't leave you guessing! Email [email protected] to apply!