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Domestic Long Hair
6 years 1 month.
'ello! My name is Zion. I am all gray and very handsome. I’m a neutered male cat. I’m confident, content, very loving, gentle, and I like meeting people who come over to visit with my ‘Mom.’ When she picks me up, my two front legs just go upward, because I am basically saying, “OK! Take me!” I like being hugged, and I love sleeping with ‘Mom.’ I like adults and young adults and kids. I happily sleep on ‘Mom’s’ bed, in between her two ankles, every night. I like to walk, sometimes run, but I also very much enjoy sitting, resting. If you want to play with me, I’m game! And – I am very adept and good at catching things. Just throw a toy up in the air, and I will do my best to catch it – even if it means I do a high jump! Like a gentle lion, I’m regal and charming – plus, I’m very good -natured. When I was younger, and now again currently, I lived/live with a girl cat named Pretzel. She’s like my younger sister. Sometimes we “spat” – 50% I’m just going up to her to say ‘hi’ and she might not want that. Or sometimes I might pounce on her, we tussle for few seconds with a few cat yells, and then we go back to each resting, respecting each other’s space. So, I could live with my “little sister” Pretzel, or I could be very happy being the only cat in your home. I’ve done both and am good either way. I’m 6 ½ years young, and I’m a warm, fun dude - a wonderful, mellow companion. I was adopted by my family (husband and wife and ‘young adult’ son) when I was about 1 year old. You can pet me, hug me, even have a little ‘rough play’ with me! I’m a great listener if you need somebody to talk to, and I am always ready to comfort you, sit with you, or just chill on my own. I’m independent and I don’t “yelp” or “meow” unless it’s some kind of rare discontent re food or attention, which hardly ever happens. I am fine alone if you are a single adult and need to be at work all day. I am fine with a family. Sometimes, I’ll be at the door to greet you when I hear you put the key in the lock as you come home! Would you like a pet that is bright-eyed, loving, curious, and happy whether relaxing or playing with you? Then I’m your guy! Please email [email protected] if you're interested in meeting me. My sister Pretzel is at Petco Union Square, but we don't need to be adopted together.