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Domestic Short Hair
5 years 1 month.
Hello! My name is Pretzel. Just sayin’ - I’m gorgeous! I am brownish-gray with white paws and white all the way from the bottom of my chin to the other end of my tummy. I am pretty independent, but I also do love attention just about anytime. If you are a new person in my life, I will be shy and scared and I’ll probably need a safe place or two where I can run and hide, at first. But, please be patient. After a few days, as you feed me on a regular schedule (right now it’s 7AM and 7PM – I will definitely come out to eat!) I will slowly start to come up to you – and soon I will either peacefully rest on your favorite chair, or play with you, or come up to you and nudge you to pet me! Soon, I will most probably be interested in sleeping with you at night. I am 5 years old . I was adopted by my mom, my dad, and their ‘young adult’ son when I was six months old. I had just been spayed at the animal shelter. I can be fairly active, yet I also am fine with lots of snooze time. Every now and then Zion and I have a 5 or 10-second “spat” – but as a rule we all get along very well. In fact, sometimes Zion and I lick each other to give cat baths, and we could also be fine sitting down, curling up together. Wanna play soccer? My mom and I have a fun game that I enjoy. She stands on one side of a closed door, and I’m on the other side. She will gently kick a plastic bottle cap or similar item under the door, and I return the kick under the door to her. Back and forth, back and forth. It’s really a lot of fun for both of us! Wanna pet me? Once I get to know you, I love to stretch myself out, full-length on the floor. This means I really trust you and that I would love for you to pet and rub me on my tummy and my back, all up and down the full length of my body. I also am very happy when you gently rub the end of my nose, and all around my head. Want to pick me up and hold me? Well, that’s ok for about 5 seconds. I’m good for about one hug, and then I’m ready to have my independence again! At night, I may walk around the bed or on the floor a bit, but then I settle down and am ready to snuggle with you – or sleep near you or near the bed. When you watch TV or read, sometimes I just might come up and read or watch with you, happily resting on your lap. Are you a youngster? I am good with that, as long as you give me my space when I need it. Are you an adult? I’m great with that, too! I hope this description has helped you get to know me. My ‘Mom’ is really sad that she has to give me up, but she is moving out of NYC and will be living in a place that does not allow cats. She wants me to continue to have a wonderful life! Could that be with you? I really am adorable, and I am ready to give you - and to get - lots of love and happiness in your home! Please come to Petco Union Square if you're interested in meeting me! My brother Zion is still in foster. We don't need to be adopted together.