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Mishu: Courtesy Post
Domestic Short Hair
Black and White
9 years 0 months.
Mishu: the cat, the myth, the LEGEND! Mishu is one smart (oreo) cookie who has learned how to ring a bell for treats! This adorable 9 year old is the life of the party. When visitors come, Mishu greets them with enthusiastic circles between their legs. He's thrilled to have company! Some people have said Mishu is more dog than cat (don't worry, he's 110% cat). He's a social guy who loves playtime, especially when his humans are playing too. He especially enjoys hockey and futbol, and staring at his toys in case one tries to get away. Mish is a big guy who struts around his home, talking with a booming meow. He's very agile, especially for age and size. Although Mish loves people, he's fine if you're working outside of the home. He can be easily picked up, but he's not super cuddly right now. But he's getting cuddle training in his foster home! You will never feel lonely with Mishu around--he's a big. commanding, friendly presence. You know you want this cat, so just email already! Contact Susan at [email protected] to apply.