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Abby Peanut
Domestic Short Hair
Cinnamon Tortoiseshell
8 years 4 months.
First she’s sour, then she’s sweet. Miss Abby wasn’t used to new spaces, but once she adjusts and knows she’s in a safe space she welcomes pets. It took less than two weeks for her to go from being a jalapeño popper to a churro. Can you be patient with Abby? We think it's worth it. She might hiss at first, so don’t be surprised, though she doesn’t swat or bite - unless you touch her stomach. That said she absolutely loves head and chin scritches and purrs up a storm when in her bed (this will travel with her to her forever home). She also enjoys sitting nearby you on the couch or in her bed. She’ll meow for pets and also plays with catnip toys and loves them. Can you provide a quiet home for this lovely and quiet lady? To sum up, Abby (Normal) Peanut is a sweet, loving, chatty, playful & occasionally mischievous cat needing a new forever home that will love her and she can love back. It may take a bit for her to warm up, but she has a lot of love to give. Once she's claimed you as family, her love and antics will brighten anyone's life. Email [email protected] to apply!