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Abby Peanut
Domestic Short Hair
Cinnamon Tortoiseshell
8 years 0 months.
Abby is a wonderful cat who needs a new forever home. Her personality runs the gamut, but leans heavier on the good ones - happy (purrs a lot), loving, playful, and independent. She's so-so with strangers. Sometimes hides and stays hidden, other times she hesitantly checks them out. Maybe a hiss or 2 thrown in. It takes her a little while of constant interaction to get comfortable. On the endearing side, her need for attention on her timeline can see her slowly emptying out a small bowl with business cards or knocking things over to get my attention as she repeatedly looks her person in the eye and talks to her with a tone of utter despair until she takes action - her tone & demeanor dictate treat, pet or play - but she accepts any and all. The purring and look in her eyes just scream she really wants some attention... Right Now. Like all cats, she is a big fan of napping - anywhere & everywhere. Treats and catnip are Always wanted, enjoyed and often times asked for. To sum up, Abby (Normal) Peanut is a sweet, loving, chatty, playful & occasionally mischievous cat needing a new forever home that will love her and she can love back. It may take a bit for her to warm up, but she has a lot of love to give. Once she's claimed you as family, her love and antics will brighten anyone's life. Email [email protected] to apply!