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Layla Rose
Domestic Short Hair
Chocolate Tortie
3 years 1 month.
What's a tasty chocolate and orange holiday treat? We know you're thinking of that chocolate orange ball that you break into slices, but you're wring! It's LAYLA! Layla was dumped by the Astoria houses and a kind person saw her and took her in. Layla needs to be an only cat in a fairly quiet space. She is terrified of the vacuum and loud noises. She has had a tough life so far and needs someone who is calm, gentle and very mindful of her so she can fully heal from her past hardships. She is a low maintenance cat who is okay being alone but loves attention. She is a loyal companion, who would always be by your side when you're home. She would love a window! She’s sweet as pie and about 3 years old. She’s very chatty and makes cute chirping sounds. She loves attention and loves to be pet. Layla is FIV positive and FeLV negative, spayed, and up-to-date on shots. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is a lentivirus, like HIV, that affects cats around the world. FIV is only contagious among cats and difficult to transmit. It is also slow-acting, so cats generally do not show any symptoms until years after being infected. The amount of time it takes for the virus to make a cat become immune compromised can vary, but once symptomatic, FIV positive cats are more vulnerable to contracting other diseases. However, with the proper care, FIV positive cats can live healthy, happy lives. Email [email protected] to apply!