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Courtesy Post: Etta
Domestic Long Hair
Tabby and White
3 years 1 month.
Etta was living at a outside colony behind a mall in Poughkeepsie where a friend had been feeding her for some time. She was doing well there but was proving to be so affectionate and sociable with everyone who fed her that, though she had been outside for some 3 years, they decided to bring her in and find her a home. Unfortunately Etta tested positive for FeLV. Right now, Etta is in remission and asymptomatic, which is great news! Asymptomatic FeLV positive cats are not likely to be contagious to other cats. Etta is friendly, sociable and gentle. A good-natured cat all around. She never bites. She is a lovely cat. She enjoys the company of others and would love nothing more than to romp with the other rescue cats in her foster home. That’s unfortunately not possible given her diagnosis. She's a mellow, happy cat. This poor girl has had a struggle but is a beautiful, sweet and loving lady who needs someone willing to take on an FeLV cat or someone looking for a companion for their FeLV cat at home. Here's some more info about FeLV positive adult cats: Email [email protected] to apply!