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Domestic Short Hair
Tabby and White
5 years 7 months.
Louis (French pronunciation of Lew-ee, please), was a Bushwick stray who was adopted as a kitten from his not-so-great home under a stoop. Circumstances at his home have changed and his owner is no longer able to care for him. He is an intelligent introvert, and as such he is shy with strangers, typically hiding under a couch or bed, but once he gets used to you, he'll come around and let you know he’s ready for some play or pets. Louis will not come right over and hop on your lap and purr, you have to earn it! Once he’s accepted you, he's an excellent companion, wanting to be around you when you're working or watching TV or reading Proust (he prefers the Lydia Davis translation if you're not reading in the original French). He likes to worm himself in and under tight spots and is very involved in the birds and squirrels on the fire escape! He is a climber, jumper, and all-around clever cat. He's not a fussy eater. He's also been the only cat in the household, so we're not sure how he’d react to being placed with another cat. Email [email protected] to apply for this studious, handsome guy!