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Goldie: Courtesy Post
Domestic Short Hair
4 years 1 month.
Hi, my name is Goldie. AND I love to PLAY! I had no idea that humans, god love them, had little sticks with string and feathers to wave around. I just want to jump and catch it till...forever. Look, really my daughter Africa, caught on very quickly and had become best buddies with my human foster and her terrible terrible twin Siamese teenagers. BUT, now I understand why! She gets to play play and play! And she gets a bed. Sometimes we do learn from our young ones. So I’m 4 years and was almost feral. I still can’t help it. My very annoying human person sneaks pets when I sleep and after we play. But if i’m not ready for her someties a swat with my paw. She laughs at me! And tells me my paws feels like Q-tips. All fluff and no zing. Anyway, I grew up at the recycling plant eating mice and watching many of us die in the machinery. You can’t think about it. Here’s what you don’t know, we only ate the baby rats as they weren’t sick yet. We didn’t catch the big rats, NOT because we were scared but because we knew you could get sick. I know I sound perfect! But I have one tiny thing--I'm FIV positive. I've been told now that I'm indoors I should remain healthy. FIV can only be passed to other cats through deep bite wounds, and I don't do that to other cats. It can't be passed by grooming or sharing bowls, and it can't be passed to people or dogs. So now, I beg you, Q-tip paws and all, can I live with you? I’m fine with other cats, they won’t attack me, I have too much presence. I’m great with kittens. I will clean them till they sparkle. BUT PLEASE play with me! This is so new and I can’t believe I’ve missed out on this my whole life! I do NOT EVER want to go outside. I’ve been there. It is very very hard. I made it though but no thank you. If I had a wish list, it would be a human playmate that understands I’m not ready for aggressive petting yet. I’m okay with a pat on my head when i’m ready. I would like light, so i can watch stuff from a distance and bask . Ummm, I snuck up on the bed, I would love a human bed. Thank you so much! Email the nice people at KittyKind at [email protected] They'll forward the email to me, and then my rescuer will read it to me.