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Domestic Short Hair
Tabby and White
3 years 10 months.
Kiwi will be quick to win you over with his big green eyes and sweet and quirky personality. He loves to run, jump, and play! Despite his bursts of energetic playfulness, he will quickly revert to a calm state. When he isn’t folding himself into a loaf, he likes to knead the closest thing he can with his little white mittens (couch, pillow, human, you name it!) Kiwi was surprisingly affectionate for a kitty in a strange new home and became more and more cuddly as he got comfortable with us. He will sometimes even ask us to rub his soft white belly! Watching him play is sure to provide loads of entertainment. He can be clumsy at times but always shakes it off and keeps on going, treating the world as his own personal jungle gym! He loves to chase and hunt his toys. The best part is his little butt wiggle right before he leaps after something! He is especially fond of tennis balls and will hop all over the place kicking them back and forth. Oddly enough, he also enjoys playing in and hanging out in his cat carrier – he is always down for a car ride! Kiwi has hilarious facial expressions that are sure to keep you laughing. He likes to be around people and can usually be found curled up against someone trying to catch some zzz’s. Kiwi is very food motivated and will do anything for a good snack! Kiwi was found as a neighborhood stray with infected ears and a hurt paw which caused him to slightly limp. He showed up in our backyard and hung out on our patio furniture regularly for about three days straight prior to us determining he needed a helping hand and taking him in. He seemed intimidated by the local feral cats and was very comfortable being around us. Due to his affectionate nature, preference for being indoors, and his affinity for humans, we believe Kiwi was at one point a house cat who was put outside and left to fend for himself. He has since been neutered, treated for his paw and infections, and is ready to go to a loving forever home. Kiwi is FIV positive and FeLV negative. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is a lentivirus, like HIV, that affects cats around the world. FIV is only contagious among cats and difficult to transmit. It is also slow-acting, so cats generally do not show any symptoms until years after being infected. The amount of time it takes for the virus to make a cat become immune compromised can vary, but once symptomatic, FIV positive cats are more vulnerable to contracting other diseases. However, with the proper care, FIV positive cats can live healthy, happy lives. Email to apply!