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Sweetie: Courtesy Post
Domestic Short Hair
3 years 6 months.
Sweetie was found in an apartment complex yard, caught in the management company’s trap during a huge rainstorm. She had not seen on the property before but she had an ear tip so it was assumed she was feral. But she looked so cold, wet, and sad that her rescuer brought her inside to make sure she was ok. Of course, Sweetie turned out to be tame and has gotten much friendlier during the time that she has lived indoors. She sits next to her rescuer on the sofa, sleeps near the bed, and comes up to tap her rescuer with her paw when she wants to be petted. Which is often. Sweeties does not like to be picked up, but it's easy to scruff her when she needs to be put in a carrier. All in all, Sweetie is a nice, easy, low-key and mellow cat. Life outside is not kind, and Sweetie contracted FIV. However, she seems perfectly healthy, and many cats live long lives with FIV. Veterinarians used to suggest separating these cats but now believe that the chance of transmission is so low (except for unfixed males who may bite) that they can live with other cats. Dental disease is the most common issue but her teeth and gums looked fine on her last vet visit. She will have a complete medical check-up before she is adopted. Interested in meeting this interesting lady?Email