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Liam: Courtesy Post
Domestic Short Hair
Ginger and White
4 years 0 months.
Liam is a handsome fella found in the streets of queens. he was chilling on the sidewalk enjoying some sun. He seemed to be very friendly and very adoptable. He was neutered at the vet and received his vaccines. Sadly Liam tested FeLV+. He is apparently healthy and can live a good quality life with proper care. He will need to be in a single cat household. Liam is a very gentle guy. He purrs when you pet him and does not mind being held. He loves to talk and tell you all about his day. He has the funniest meow. (It kind of sounds like the cross between a squeaky toy and and old man.) He is very food motivated so he may be trainable to do tricks. (Right the only trick he know is how to make his food disappear). Videos: Liam's first night: Liam likes to be pet: Liam wants more pets: For more info, please contact Wendy (