Domestic Short Hair
Tortie and White
3 years 8 months.
Mia is such a special little lady. She loves sun bathing, she loves her mousey toys. She purrs like a motorboat. She is an independent woman. But equally gentle and loving. She loves to cuddle and she loves to sleep with you. She will let you know when it’s bed time. She finally found her voice after my very vocal older cat taught her. Her sweet voice is this raspy meow for such a tiny lady. Playing fetch is her absolute favorite. Her little chirps and trills are the sweetest. She is quite jumpy. She loves her veal and her rabbit food. She loves cuddling. And she loves to keep you in line if you are doing something she doesn’t particularly like, she’s the boss She takes the craziest, most enthusiastic baths. She has a little basket above the fridge that is a safe space and she very much loves and feels secure having a hideout. Her little run is like a desert lizard and it is just sweetest to come home to. She loves to greet you at the door when you get home from a long day. Mia is currently in a foster home. Please email us about this wonderful girl!