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Domestic Short Hair
5 years 0 months.
If Xiang looks a little freaked out in this photo, it’s probably because she was in a race for her life! Unknown age, not spayed, surrendered to the ACC and a black cat? It wasn’t long before she was put on the at-risk list (the the that signals who might not make it out of the city shelter alive). Luckily, she was brought to our attention, and she’s now on her way to her best life. Xiang has been described as an affectionate, sweet girly-girl who purrs easily, and is mellow and sweet. She's perfect! Xiang is a sweetie with just a hint of cat-itude. She was underweight and rescued off the streets, but immediately met volunteers with head butts and purrs, loving any bit of attention she could get! She is special because she’s a polydactyl and has an extra thumb. Xiang was a underweight when we got her, but she eats well and has gained weight since being at her foster home. She loves to eat turkey or chicken. She loves to have her food bowl topped with a bunch of water. Xiang will meow for attention, cuddle on the couch and play with her favorite caterpillar feather toy. She does tell you when she has had enough. She won’t hurt you but will tell you she’s done with pets! Xiang is up-to-date on shots, and FIV and FELV negative. If you have a soft spot for black cats, why not consider Xiang? She might be the good luck charm you’ve dreamed of.