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Domestic Short Hair
10 years 2 months.
This keenly intelligent, friendly, curious, communicative, affectionate, sweet-natured ginger tomcat loves human companionship and quality chillin’ time. Max's favorite pastime is just hanging out with you while you are watching TV, reading, or working at your computer. He is a true companion. He loves humans, the more the merrier. In fact, he is an extremely people oriented cat. If you have a party, he will plop right down on the floor in the middle of all your guests, lay on his back, show you his tummy, and put his four paws up in the air. If two people are sitting on a sofa, he will jump up to sit in between them. If you are part of a couple, he will sleep on the bed between you. He loves to be the literal center of attention. Not only does Max love humans, he specifically enjoys the company of men! Don’t get us wrong, he loves the nurturing and care that ladies bestow upon him, and he will flirt shamelessly with them, but he really, really, really likes guys! He likes to wrestle and roughhouse with them, and he just seems to glow a little bit more around them, almost like he is in a state of hero-worship. One of Max’s most notable and defining features is his remarkable intelligence. He is extremely communicative. It is said that cats can make over 100 different sounds, and in his lifetime, Max has probably made most of them. Part of the fun of being his human friend is learning to decipher his many signals. He meows, he roars, he purrs, he trills, he chirps, he hums, he chuffs…honestly, the variety of expression this cat has is just amazing. Of course, it would be remiss to discuss Max’s virtues without mentioning his extraordinary beauty. It is clear that, even among the beloved red tabby/ginger tomcat personality type, Max is a star. Literally everyone who meets him comments on his remarkable good looks, and because of his large, golden eyes, huge ears and sculpted cheekbones, many have speculated that he may be part Abyssinian. Although he is a large, powerful, strong athletic cat, his true nature is exceptionally sweet and gentle. He is open-hearted and affectionate, rather than aloof or arrogant. He loves being brushed, especially around the face, and like all cats, he adores curling up on anything made with fleece. He is an excellent traveler and has been in trains, planes and cars for up to 7 hours at a time without incident. (He actually hates traveling, but his behavior is impeccable nonetheless.) Max doesn't like to be alone that much, and he'd love to live in a home with someone who works from home. He's currently in foster, so email us at!