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Fiona: Courtesy Post
Domestic Short Hair
Grey and White
9 years 7 months.
Hi. My name is Fiona. I am 9 years old, I think. I grew up on the street, so my origins are a little uncertain. I am a loving, quiet cat who loves special attention, which is good because there is a LOT of me to love! I’m a big cat. At some point I injured my back left leg and it never quite healed properly so now I walk with a limp. I can’t move around that well, but I get impressive speed on just three legs! My parents keep me on a strict diet (Dr’s orders) to control my weight but I’m very picky with my food. Unlike most cats I do not like tuna one bit! Other fish flavors are sometimes ok. I like my wet food slightly chopped up and piled into a little mountain. I like to nibble right from the top. I won’t eat it any other way. I’m a lady who knows her tastes, what can I say? My doctor says I have seasonal allergies. They make my ears itch terribly. I’d scratch them all day if my doctor didn’t have me on this oral antihistamine every day. And she made my humans agree to wash my ears every day. I do not like any of that one bit. I am every affectionate, and I love affection, but do not try to pick me up. I prefer to stay on the ground where I feel stable. If I want up on something, like the bed, sometimes I can make the jump and pull myself up. Sometimes I’ll just ask out loud. While I do like sleeping next to people, or at their feet, do not try to cuddle me. I don’t like to be restrained. As for play, I love the feathers on the end of the pole. Sometimes I like to bat around things that roll. I’m looking for a home with someone who is around a lot. Someone who can give me lots of attention, feed me early in the morning and keep up with my particular needs. I live with small children now and I think I’d much prefer living with only adults, or possibly homes with older children. Email if you'd like to meet me!