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Aspen: Courtesy Post
Domestic Short Hair
Tabby and White
2 years 11 months.
Aspen is an FeLV positive cat who is a very vocal and friendly cat who loves to chat with and rub up against her human. She is independent in that she loves affection--but only on her terms. She is about a year old, and still has plenty of playful kitten energy to spare and will spend hours playing with her chirpy bird and her teaser. She loves any and all cardboard boxes, and if you leave a paper bag lying around it will quickly become hers. Aspen does not like other cats and will make it known if you are doing something she doesn't like, so we do not recommend a home with other pets or young children. She also has been responding very positively to treat training and redirection for negative behaviors, a little patience goes a long way with her. Overall she just wants a home where she can be the queen kitty, and come to her human when it's playtime/petting time/food time. Aspen was a TNR rescue from Astoria. She showed up at a funeral home a few months back, and and the feeder said she was a friendly girl, so her rescuer trapped her. They noticed she was lactating, so she was freed to find the kittens after the rescuer couldn't get to them. All of the kittens have gotten homes.