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Domestic Short Hair
10 years 6 months.
Echo is a dynamic, intelligent cat with a fun variety of moods. She loves to sleep in bed with humans, especially when it's cold. She can be calm and independent, demandingly affectionate or feistily in the mood for play. She's developed the cute habit of putting her paw on your hand to show she wants petted more. She's rather vocal and interactive and you will quickly learn she has different meows for wanting more/different food, grooming or play. She'll flip her tail and seem upset when in a hunting play session, but will quickly come back for more after a feigned retreat, ready to catch the villainous feather wand unprepared. She can be a little aggressive in those sessions and might attack the hand instead. After winding down though, she's happy to show her love to humans again and will make a cute purry meow and jump up on the bed or chair to get petted or just to be close by. Echo is extremely intelligent and enjoys treat puzzles. She also has learned to sit and come on command. She is our star pupil. Echo is FIV and FeLV negative, spayed, and up-to-date on shots. Email us at about this great cat!