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Domestic Short Hair
White and Tabby
5 years 2 months.
Do you like to be greeted when you come home? Then I’m your girl! I prefer taking my time to bond with my people but once I do I bond for life! I want to follow you around the house, and flop over to try and get chin and ear pets. I LOVE my brush, and also chasing after my wand toys and using my scratchers. But don't be scared--I can hang out all day by myself, so I won't be lonely when you go to work. I'll work on my puzzles (serious--I do puzzles. I like the puzzle game with snacks in it). Technically, I'm a "special needs" lady because I have only one good eye. My other eye has been like this since I was a baby. I have no idea what happened but I've been told I had an upper respiratory illness as a kitten. I can do everything I need to do, including headbutting your hand for more scritches! I’m a strong, independent lady who loves hard on my terms. If you’re not sitting, I will mew at you until you sit so I can get brushed on a lap! Just don’t touch my belly. Also, I startle easily. In fact, sometimes I get so nervous that I hide and want to be left alone. But before you know it I’ll be a love bug again and want petting and company. My first humans love me so much, but they recognized that I need an experienced cat owner and no kids. I hope we can be best friends. From her fosterer: Arya struggled a lot the first few weeks. She had a hard time adjusting- unsure of where she was and if she can trust me, Arya would lash out. I quickly began to understand that she gets stressed very easily in situations she has no control over, is weary of hands especially when it's on the direction of her right side (where Arya can't see), and especially territorial of her food (have you seen how chonky she is?). Overtime, I worked with her slowly, always rewarding her behavior when she allowed me to pet and play with her. I spent countless hours giving her stimulation by opening the window for bird watching, cat tv time, playing classical music, catnip toys, and generous grooming sessions. Before I knew it, Arya began to speak to me with the tiniest mews, sleep next to me every night, and request daily afternoon cuddles. I know Arya needs someone as patient and understanding as I am with her. I know Arya needs someone who will always watch her body language and read the signs that she is not receiving what she needs at that moment. Arya needs someone for in the moments she is struggling, her person will be there for her in the way she needs it. If that person can give her all of these things, she will reciprocate with good morning meows, skin to fur cuddle sessions, being by your side wherever you go (including the bathroom..), loud purring sessions, paws reaching your arm for your eye contact and so much more. Can you be that person? Please email to meet me!