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Domestic Short Hair
14 weeks.
Once upon a time, a tiny pure-white Persian princess from a tiny village wandered into a market that sold magical items, such as precious shiny metals that opened doors, and glass bulbs that could glow like the sun. The princess had lost her home and needed a place to rest her paws. The kind people at the market let her stay, and soon she met and fell in love a prince from another village. He was the exact opposite of her. Where she was tiny, he was large. Where she was white as snow, he was black as ebony. And while her hair was long, his was short. After a brief romance, Octavius and Morton were born! Pure royalty, they are the perfect mix of their parents. Medium coats, lovely dispositions, and smart enough to know what a hardware store is. Mom went to her new home a few weeks ago, and now Mortie and Octavius are ready! Mortie likes to tell jokes, and Octavius likes to pontificate. This young pair is FIV and FeLV negative and have gotten their first round of shots. They would love to be adopted together. You can meet the pair at Petco Union Square!