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Domestic Short Hair
Tabby and White
1 year 0 months.
Saturn has been a brave and trusting cat since her rescuers met her on the street one night. She was pregnant (they did not know at the time) and must have known they would take her in and help her care for her litter. Saturn walked right up to them, pick her up, and walk her home in their arms. Saturn likes to sit near you while you are relaxing, sleeps by your feet at night, and doesn’t ask for much except food, quick rubs when you get home, and an occasional fight with a feather stick. Saturn gets along with other cats, as long as she can be the boss. She never scratches at furniture, doesn’t hide when people visit, and doesn’t mind getting picked up and carried places for a bit. She likes to sleep in high places, but doesn’t get into anything that she shouldn’t. She ignores everything that isn’t hers. Saturn has been through a busy 4-5 months of being pregnant and then nursing 6 kittens all by herself. Now she's enjoying lots of naps on her own, and eating tons of food to gain her weight back. Saturn really loves and trusts humans, and has been an enjoyable friend in her rescuer's house. She's FIV and FeLV negative, spayed, and up-to-date on shots. Come meet her at Petco Union Square!