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Toes Coleman
Extra-Toes Cat (Hemingway Polydactyl)
Tabby and White
3 years 6 months.
Toes is a survivor! Living in a NYC parking lot, she quickly made friends with the humans who would come by. She would try to make friend with everyone! We suspect she must have been dumped by a former owner, or perhaps she got lost, but a kind rescuer took her in. She had already been spayed and was not ear-tipped, making it likely that she was an indoor cat for most of her life. Toes has a special feature--extra toes! She is a polydactyl (poly=many; dactyl=digits or fingers) on her front paws. Polydactyl cats are considered to be good luck! Toes is a gentle, mellow, and calm cat who is sweet and well-mannered. She loves noisy toys, and games with feathers. This lovely tabby lady likes other cats, and she can also be the only cat in your home. Toes is spayed, FIV and FeLV negative and up-to-date on shots. Come see her at Petco Union Square!