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Domestic Short Hair
Tortie and White
2 years 6 months.
Morgan may have been living the single stray life on the streets of Brooklyn, but she was the most affectionate cat from day one. She will follow you around everywhere and will rub up against your legs to be pet. She has the longest tail with a curl at the end which she'll also wrap around your legs affectionately. She loves kisses and pets and keeps coming back from more. If you pucker your lips and lean into her she will turn her head sideways for you to kiss her forehead. Morgan is fearless, and likes to play with people more than toys. She has a great appetite and will let you know when she is hungry by meowing. She comes when she is called and doesn't scratch anyone or anything but a scratching post. Morgan was rescued from the euthanasia list at ACC on the day of the Solar Eclipse. Fitting - because half her face is yellow like the sun, and the other half is black like the moon passing by. This beautiful young lady is FIV and FeLV negative and up-to-date on shots. Instagram: #morgantortie