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Mr. Tux
7676 S1
Domestic Short Hair
Grey and White
1 year 3 months.
Mr. Tux: So completely unique that it is hard to describe him. Long and lanky, he has the same affectionate and gentle qualities as his sister but a quirky energy and curiosity too. An example of this combination is that when he is zooming and leaping toward his prey (mouse toys especially) - he doesn't use his claws. No matter how excited he gets, it's never aggressive. He will calm down within minutes to pause for cheek rubs, of which he accepts so passionately he often falls over leaning into them. He also likes to bury himself in blankets and sleep under pillows and any other object that will give him cover. After hours tucked away like this, he will awaken to greet you with a purr and slinky figure 8's around your legs, then happily explore what you're up to; something as simple as turning out the light in a standing lamp, he'll be right there on the top of the chair nearby, reaching out as far as he can to investigate. Highly intelligent, he is alert to sounds in the hall and birds outside which he will watch with keen interest. Like his sister, he loves to be pet and will purr gently right away but prefers sleeping on his own. He has a normal appetite; enjoying chicken-based wet food and loving grain-free dry food for snacks. He is a wonderfully balanced cat that will provide both endless hours of entertainment and loving companionship. Mr. Tux loves his sister Ms. Laila, but can also go with another friendly cat.