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Cori Bella
Domestic Short Hair
1 year 1 month.
Hi! My name is Cori Bella, named after where I was found in Queens and my middle name because my rescue mom felt I (& my personality) were beautiful! I was clearly loved at one time as I’m told I’m the sweetest, chillest lap cat ever. I went through hard times with other cats before my rescues/foster mom found me in Corona, Queens seeking to enchant and make friends with humans. People on the block had never seen me so no one knows my story. I love to be played with, stroked, kisses and simply be loved. I enjoy lounging in my soft bed and love my scratcher post. However, I will get feisty and growl if I have to see the other cats in the house. I will regroup upon being removed gently and being put in a quiet space. Otherwise I impress everyone who meets me with my very friendly, happy and easy-going demeanor. I would love a pretty window to enjoy naps in the sunlight and windowsills where I can watch the birds and squirrels. I will come to you when called and love an invitation to sit next to you and will climb on your lap. I am so looking forward my happy, forever home!