Domestic Short Hair
Tabby and White
4 years 5 months.
Hi! My name is Bailey and I was rescued in Brooklyn, where I was living outside the building that once used to be my home. I used to hang around there with my friend Barkly. The woman who called KittyKind said we were outside for over a year. Can you imagine? But I adjusted to indoor life again in a second. Within minutes of arriving at my foster home, I explored, ate, played and then settled in for a nap. My foster mom said I am so affectionate with people that I almost have dog-like qualities, I like to explore, talk, stay around and greet you at the door. I also like to climb her shoulder to get a better view. My favorite time of day is when my foster mom comes home from work. I can’t decide whether my favorite thing is eating or sleeping – it’s a tie. She always asks me what I want for breakfast and dinner, but I don’t really care, I love everything – fish, meat, poultry. As long as it comes out of a can and it’s one of those good brands of food, with lots of protein. I’m a big guy – 13 pounds of strapping, muscular cat – and I need plenty of good food to stay strong. I also love when my foster mom pets me. She pets my head and my neck and my belly and it feels great. Sometimes I have to remind her that petting me is more important than anything else she is doing, so I sit on her newspaper and computer. When she lays on the couch, I sleep on her chest with my head in her neck. Every now and then she wakes me up because she says she has to get up – imagine! – and I go sleep somewhere else. I also like to sleep on top of her in her bed. I hope my next and forever human will like to feed me and pet me and let me sleep on his or her chest, even if my whiskers tickle. I am neutered and up to date on shots. Apparently, I have tested positive for FIV. But I know in the majority of cases, FIV-positive cats are non-symptomatic, and live long, happy lives. It can't be spread to humans or dogs. I like other cats, and can live happily with another FIV positive cat. I can also be the king of your castle. That just means more attention for me! Email about me! Do it now! I'd love to meet you!