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Phoenix (Courtesy Post)
Domestic Short Hair
Tabby and White
2 years 1 month.
COURTESY POST: Phoenix is a very attentive, affectionate cat. If you’re there, he’s there right next to you or (preferably) on your lap and gazing up at you. Apart from the time he spends watching Bird TV (e.g. staring at sparrows on the fire escape), you’ll always have his full attention. He loves to cuddle and get chin scritchies and catnip gives him the zoomies. Phoenix had a bit of a rough time out on the streets: he was dirty, sick, and emaciated upon rescue. (He’s on the small side, for an adult cat, and life on the street is extra-hard when you’re little!) After some great medical care, he’s finally on solid footing and gaining weight. His ordeal may have left him with a touchy belly and we don’t know right now if he’ll need future support (such as a special diet or supplement). With new people in the apartment, Phoenix is initially cautious, more with men than women. At the vet, he’s quiet and compliant. He loves Pill Pockets, and was an enthusiastic eater even at his sickest, so medicating him was never an issue. If you have some lap space and you’re looking for a BFF kitty, he might just be the cat for you! Email about this great cat!