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Ms. Laila
7676 S2
Domestic Short Hair
1 year 1 month.
Laila is the best of both worlds; both a dainty lady who is unflinchingly kind but playful too. One moment she will be gracefully weaving herself between your ankles and leaning her cheek into your massaging fingers, and the next moment she will be gone, having found a dark, quiet spot to sleep. Just when you're wondering where in the world she has disappeared to, she will emerge to greet you with a soft, rolling mew that is delightful to hear. In the morning and late afternoon, she will play with her brother with an energy and excitement to match his, but will generously let him win and never compete - even if he accidentally falls or bumps into her. She is so forgiving that after these rigorous play sessions, dominated by her very precocious brother, she will be at his side grooming his face. In between play and sleep, she will check in on you, following you to the bathroom or kitchen to see what you're up to. She loves to be pet and will purr gently right away but prefers sleeping at the end of the bed or on the other side of the couch from people and other cats, including her brother. She has a small appetite, preferring chicken-based wet food. She is altogether a very balanced, beautiful, muted calico kitty that would make an ideal companion. She is very bonded with Mr. Tux and they must go together