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Penny Lane
Domestic Short Hair
White and Black
1 year 2 months.
Twas the first day of winter and all through the streets / Penny was looking for something to eat. / She was rescued so quick by a kind gentleman / who couldn't keep her, but put her in good hands... And that's a true story! Penny was put out on the street from a car on a very cold night in late December, and a man who saw this brought her indoors where she'd be safe until he could find an adoption group to take her. Penny is a healthy, highly intelligent and inquisitive, active and energetic cat. Due to her intelligence, she carefully studies everything in her environment and has a good memory. She loves to play and her most favorite toy is a squeaky mouse which makes noise when it is pushed. She can spend a lot of time playing with this toy by herself. She will either pick it up by herself and begins to play with it or we toss it to her and she runs after, retrieves it and then she pushes it, pounces on it, then grabs it in her mouth and takes it from room to room. It is really adorable and we laugh whenever she does this. She also has a three-way tunnel which she enjoys running through and sometimes she will stay there and clean herself or just to rest. Mostly, she is out and about and enjoys staying very near to us in the living room when we are watching TV. She usually sits very close to us although she is not a “lap cat”; it’s just not her way. She does not enjoy being alone for too long and gets very lonely. Although we are not certain, she may enjoy the company of another cat (perhaps about her age) . She enjoys taking naps and very often she lies on her back and feels comfortable here doing so. She also likes the “Da Bird” toy when it is run along the ground. However, since this is used for exercise, at times when she catches it she will not let go of the bird and since it is attached to a long wand… very often it’s like she is getting away with it whilst you are being lead behind. She has great hunting skills and enjoys the challenge. She has the fastest reflexes also. Penny also enjoys running after those plastic balls with the bells inside. When we first brought her in she was very quiet but she has since become very vocal. She will be sure to let you know when she is hungry or would like a treat. Penny is a lovely, smart survivor who is spayed and up-to-date on shots.